Swordspoint Series Drabbles

(Almost) All are 100 words, exactly, as drabbles are supposed to be. Please note any adult ratings. They are all slash, as in M/M relationships.

Title: Change of Engagement
Prompt: green
Book: Swordspoint
Pairing: Richard/Alec
Rating: G
Summary: Alec's thoughts the night he leaves Richard in order, ultimately, to save him.

Staring at himself, Alec dispassionately evaluated the color of his eyes. They changed with his moods, or so he'd been told, from emerald to summer grass and other pretty comparisons he had no use for. Now, as he abandoned his lover in order to save him, it was his dilated pupil he noticed, ringed by an anguished celadon. Soundlessly he turned, drifting across the floor to gaze at Richard one last time as himself, as Alec. Richard refused to listen seriously to him, didn't believe in his own death outside of a swordfight. They had talked this night, spoken a lifetime's worth of desires and memory until words had failed.

Alec felt his world shift and resettle like colored pieces in a kaleidoscope as he looked silently at Richard. The swordsman's face was calm and soft, free of worry, untroubled after several bouts of passion. With desperate, fervent helplessness, Alec whispered the three words that he hadn't spoken earlier, slipping out of their apartment and into the malevolent rain of pre-dawn.

Lord David Alexander Tielman Campion stalked out of Riverside, tears at last mingling with the wet hurling into his face.


Title: Revenge Effloresces
Pairing: Richard/Alec
Book: Swordspoint
Rating: PG
Summary: Richard begins to contemplate revenge on Lord Horn.
Set directly after Alec is returned to St. Vier from being Horn's captive, inspired by this sentence from chapter XVIII:
"Stop that," Alec sighed, his voice in Richard's ear luxurious and decadent like warmed velvet. "Ticklish."

Richard of course did no such thing, drawing his tongue along the marble expanse of his lover's slender inner arm until he came to the shackle marks. Those he kissed with the devotion of an acolyte reverencing his life's desire, vowing sweet retribution with each whisper of lips.


The word was aged brandy, drawled in Alec's aristocratic tone he usually disguised. His viridian eyes were hooded, the green a mere ring against the desire-dilated pupil. Their groins arched with exquisite friction.

"My Alec."


Title: untitled
Prompt: tart
Book: Swordspoint
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Richard gets distracted.

Alec lounged in a chair, limbs unfurled, his ankles crossed and resting on a trunk serving as a makeshift ottoman. In his hand was a green apple which he was eating, noisily, while Richard tried to tune him out as he practised with his sword. The trouble was that Alec in repose made Richard think of sex; even something as innocent as crunching on a tart apple made him stiffen a bit in his trousers. He wrenched his thoughts away, pouring his energies into his movements.

"I know what you're thinking," Alec drawled.

Richard put down his sword.

"Prove it."


Title: Basil's Banquet
Pairing: Basil St. Cloud/Theron Campion
Book: The Fall of the Kings
Rating: R
Summary: Basil need not worry about going hungry.

This is obviously set within The Fall of the Kings, set a few hours after this exchange at the end of Chapter XI:
Amidst the tempest of their passion, Basil paused to feast on the elegant beauty of his lover, flushed and filled with succulent treasures, a cornucopia of carnal delight. Gold-flecked eyes green as forests gazed at him, their arresting colour overwhelmed by his dilated pupils. Theron's dark hair lay untamed and tousled against the shambles of bedcoverings. Basil suffered a stab of jealousy of the ivy and oak which clung to his alabaster skin, a permanent intimacy unlike their temporary gorgings on each other. Pledges of fealty and love clung to the refined architecture of Theron's features; Basil dined his fill.

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