Other Fanfiction: Lord John Grey, True Blood, Swordspoint, and His Dark Materials

I participated in some new holiday exchanges and ended up writing in some new fandoms! I didn't know where to put them, so I now have a new page. I suspect I'll only write the one story in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials fandom, as well as the HBO television show True Blood, but one never knows. I really enjoyed reading Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint trilogy back in 2008-09. The books, in chronological order of events, are: Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and The Fall of the Kings. In 2009 I was introduced to Diane Gabaldon's Lord John Grey series, which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to as audiobooks. There's been rather a kerfuffled about Ms. Gabaldon and fanfiction, so rather than posting the story here, I'll guide you to the story, 'Love Never to be Foresworn,' here at my LJ, or please read it here at Archive of Our Own and leave a comment or kudos there, should you enjoy it.

I also found myself writing a True Blood story for a December, 2010 Yuletide exchange. Please note: the story is het! Not a genre I often visit, but that was part of the request. The story is Unfulfilled Hunger here at my website.

Swordspoint Fanfiction

Prise de fer ("take the steel")

Summary: Alec attempts to celebrate Richard's birthday, and succeeds at making it up to him.
Pairing: Richard St. Vier/Alec Campion
Notes: For the dear Ann who was interested in long hair tied back (or untied) and massages/backrubs. My gratitude to my betas, pillars of prose-guidance and insight. Thank you! Written for the 2008 3fan_holidays.
Rating: R- Adult, but not overtly explicit.
Written November, 2008; posted January 1, 2009

Swordspoint Drabbles
I wrote a few drabbles before writing the vignette for 3fan_holidays. They're of varying ratings; please heed them.

If you like Swordspoint, more fanfiction and drabbles can be found here at Riverside, the Swordspoint fanfiction community on LiveJournal.

His Dark Materials Fanfiction

I have only one offering here, a story I wrote for the 2008 Yuletide Holiday Exchange. If you'd like to read it at their site to be able to leave a review, please go here.

The Teethmarks of Time
Rating: PG-13 (language, adult concepts)
Summary: Will lives, as he must, and is forever changed.

Notes: The title comes from the song "No I In Threesome" by Interpol.
Written November, 2008; posted January 1, 2009.