All are 100 words, exactly, and given the nomenclature, these are about Ron and Harry as a couple; in other words, they're slash. Please heed the occasional non-G rating and don't read them if not interested. I was having so much fun with the Ron/Draco ones, I joined yet another weekly drabbling community, harryron100 . I tend to write one per weekly prompt. These are listed with the most current first, older ones toward the bottom.

Title: Dancing Kings
Prompt: no prompt (writtten for fellanuwua)
Rating: PG
A/N: set in the A Trail of Persimmon universe (link is to an adult fic)

"Stop yanking my chain! This is the green shirt, isn't it?"

A sheepish grin settled on Ron's lips. "Yeah. Sorry to be a git. C'mon, let's go."

Harry swatted Ron's arse before Apparating to the club where, four months prior, Ron had shocked Harry to his core by revealing his affections for him. He'd dropped hints everywhere, but Harry'd been incredibly thick and oblivious.

They danced in the sweaty crowd, gyrating to the throbbing music, never leaving each other's orbits of bumping hips and clutching hands.

"You're brilliant!" Ron yelled ebulliently.

"Happy Anniversary!" Harry shouted back before stealing a kiss.


Title: The Pain of Partnership
Prompt: Fence
Rating: R (language)
A/N: accompanying drabble to my If Ever Two Were One story, set within wolfiekins' First Moon universe.

Ron and Harry tread gingerly along the peripheral Preserve path, Ron occasionally placing his hand on the tall fence to steady them. After a night of romping around the nearby forest as Sienna and Blackpaw, the next morning's inevitable metamorphosis had been as brutal as ever. They'd learned to force themselves to walk around, despite the discomfort and limping; it worked out some of the soreness.

Ron paused, leaning back against the fence, comforted when Harry sank against him into his arms. He couldn't have let Harry do this alone, but he had to admit being a werewolf fucking hurt.


Title: Wilted
Prompt: Heat
Rating: NC-17, though there's not exactly action going on
A/N: A sequel to wolfiekins' scorching drabble here.

Ron couldn't stop his eyes closing instinctively as Harry's fingers meandered through his wiry pubic hair. At last Harry's hand settled comfortably around his trapped, quiescent cock. Stretching back into the hammock, Ron eased up his hips and spread his legs, allowing Harry's questing fingers more access. It was really too hot to have sex, and while they'd been healed, Ron's knees still had the shadow of bruising from his and Harry's somewhat drunken, well-intended attempt at hammock-shagging.

"Too hot to shag," Ron said plaintively, turning his head to kiss Harry chastely on the lips. "Skinny dipping sounds great, though."


Title: Observations, Large and Small
Prompt: Large
Rating: PG-13
Warning: rather fluffy, especially for me
A/N: basically set the morning after A Trail of Persimmon

Harry shook his head, still in disbelief.

"What is it?" Ron asked, nuzzling the tender spot just next to Harry's ear.

"I can't believe how big of an idiot I've been. So clueless."

"Yeah, it was a bit stunning how vastly unaware you were."

"Hey, you're not supposed to agree," Harry said sulkily.

"At least you finally came around," Ron soothed, leaning over to place his lips on Harry's.

Harry moaned softly as Ron opened his mouth, welcoming Harry's tongue inside. The wide world faded away as Harry succumbed to Ron's cherishing kiss, in the sheltering bower of Ron's arms.


Title: Obsession
Prompt: Bone
Rating: PG-13 (innuendo)
A/N: I was thinking this is in my A Trail of Persimmon universe, but it's pretty vague. It's just H/R. ;)

"I'm really beginning to wonder about you," Ron said good-humouredly as Harry rubbed his ankles. "This fascination with my feet is a bit odd."

"It's not your feet," Harry insisted, his thumbs massaging the prominent bones. A lustful look settled on his face. "It's your ankles. You drive me crazy when you walk around barefoot. It makes me think of your legs, which makes me think of your thighs, then I think of the treasure between them and then it makes me all hot and bothered and then—"

"Then you'd better get up here and kiss me," Ron rumbled.


Title: The Giver
Prompt: Blind
Rating: PG
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

When Ron awoke, his senses were overwhelmed by voracious thirst; he was sightless, held in thrall with need. Ron moaned, a desperate low noise.

"I'm here. Scoot over," Harry demanded gently, lying prone next to him.

The warm, intoxicating scent of blood pulsing just under Harry's skin was maddening. Ron took a deep, tangy breath, his fangs quickly descending as he suckled against Harry's neck. They sighed together when Ron pierced him. Colours and cognizance and rich, heady Harry coursed into Ron's mouth, a love-infused guerdon that restored him to vibrancy.

Once sated, Ron healed him with a grateful kiss.


Title: A Tale of Valour
Prompt: Vendetta
Rating: PG (wee bit 'o language and innuendo)
Category/Warnings: overuse of the letter 'v'
A/N: The person suggesting the prompt offered virtual awards to the drabble that had the most uses of the letter 'v' in it. This is rather cracktastic, given Ron and Harry's overly-vibrant vocabulary. The drabble contains no fewer than 24 'v's.

When Harry unveiled himself at the foot of Ronís hospital bed, Ron voiced a hoarse, victorious whoop.

"Howís your vision?" Harry asked worriedly, rubbing Ronís feet above his sheet and looking at Ronís swollen left eye.

"Never better," Ron replied, avoiding the obvious. "Draco thought Iíd just vanish or something vapid, but I gave him a bloody vicious thrashing."

"My brave Gryffindor," Harry said, vowing revenge to himself. "May I?"

Ron nodded as Harry crawled on the bed, avidly viewing the slowly-elevating bulge above the vee of Ronís legs. "What a travesty," Harry murmured, kissing Ron's variegated bruise.

"Iíll survive."


Title: untitled
Prompt: Heaven
Rating: G

Ron sat on the couch, Harry half-dozing in his lap. Their modified Muggle radio was on, some wizard crooning softly in the background as Ron took a sip of scotch. His belly was content, pleasantly full from the dinner Harry had ingeniously put together. It had been an uneventful evening, really; no sex, though they'd squeezed each other's hands a couple of times in passing, and Harry had placed a tender kiss on the back of Ron's neck as he'd struggled with the crossword.

Ron smiled.

If there is an afterlife, he thought, I reckon it's a lot like this.


Title: A Sanguinary Sorrow
Prompt: Hell
Rating: PG
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

"Are you sure about this? You're so weak," Ron said. The dulled pain of watching family and friends grow old was suddenly acute, like a healing wound freshly reopened.

"I am. That one memory's always stayed vivid," Charlie replied, his voice tremulous with age. "I know I won't be around much longer. Give an old man his kicks," he said with a shaky smile.

Ron nodded, lying down next to him, Charlie's white hair shorn close to his head. As Ron feasted on the slowly pulsing blood, he cursed his hellish life: Harry, gone for decades; Ron's death, forever distant.


Title: Anticipation
Prompt: Dumbledore
Rating: PG (innuendo)
A/N: Never Break the Chain universe

Ron sat against a tree, reveling in Harry's weight settled in his lap. Harry slowly spun the silver links around Ron's wrist, smiling softly at it before looking at Ron.

"So what did Dumbledore say?" Ron asked, moving his arms so he could intertwine his fingers against the small of Harry's back.

Harry shook his head, leaning in to place a kiss on Ron's lips. "You know I can't tell you that," he said against Ron's mouth. "You were amazing last night. Thank you."

Despite himself, Ron blushed. "Think that's you, mate. My turn next."

"Can't wait," Harry said huskily.


Title: Sanguine Succulence
Prompt: Time (though it also incorporates 'blood' from last week's prompt)
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

Everything slowed in these moments.

Despite the charging of Ron's heart, thudding insistently against his ribs as Harry sucked, laved, tormented and in every manner worshipped his cock, it seemed as though any conventional marking of time was laughable. The passing of each second could only be measured in aching thrusts, his blood-stiffened shaft pulsing into the erotic indecency of Harry's swollen mouth.

Only one thing could now complete this most intimate of acts. Ron shoved away, gasping, offering his arm as Harry looked up, pruriently licking his own lips. When Harry feasted, nuzzling the warm vein, Ron came, shouting.


Title: An Intimate Banquet
Prompt: Blood
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

It thrums around him, a fevered, thundering pulse as Ron's body is plundered. Harry's eyes are glazed, seeing something beyond Ron, a vista or interior landscape known only to himself as he thrusts again and again.

Ron senses the change, can see the fiery tattoo speed to its highest pitch, the vein bulging at the side of Harry's neck. Swirling scents of sweat and musk fill his nose, but it's the succulent, rich aroma underneath that brings Ron to the edge.

Harry gasps jaggedly, his release pouring into Ron as Ron sets his fanged mouth to Harry's neck and feasts.


Title: The Connoisseur
Prompt: Indecent
Rating: R
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

Indelible ink feathers spread wide and full, fanning protectively,
Nestling in broad strokes across a scarred, familiar back.
Deep in thought, he bites down on his lip; such rosy, tempting flesh that ought to be kissed.
Eyes unable to draw away, watching muscles ripple as he stretches
Cat-like, colours shimmering on taut skin, begging Ron's touch, the thought causing an
Erection, trapped rudely against too-tight denims. There will be remedies; delicious, slick licks and rubbing groins.
Now a moan escapes and Harry turns, surprised, the expression transforming to eager hunger
That blooms into a feast, succulent as mouths crush together.


Title: Sweet Little Lies
Prompt: Deception
Rating: R
A/N: Never Break the Chain universe

Ron had barely crossed the threshold into the classroom when he was pushed against the wall. Slicked lips feasted on his as his aroused captor began rubbing against him, making needy, desperate moans into Ron's open mouth. Ron kissed back fervently, grabbing Harry's narrow arse to pull their groins as close as possible. He groaned at the delicious sensation of the robes-covered bulge rocking into his own.

"What did you tell Hermione?" Harry said, gasping for breath as he pulled away.

Ron grinned crookedly, enjoying the flushed, expectant look on Harry's face. "Some tripe about extra study. Works every time."


Title: Wishful Thinking
Prompt: Wish
Rating: G
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

At the door to their room, Ron paused, uncertain of what he would find. Harry, certainly; Ron had opened his mind and knew his bondmate was inside, brooding. Ron silently cursed their destructive, anger-driven wild magic exchange.

He wished more than ever he'd never been Made a vampire.

He knocked. Harry bade him come in.

The room had been transfigured to replicate their common room; Harry wore a t-shirt and boxers, looking so similar to his school-aged self that Ron's heart ached. He sank down, draping an arm over his beleaguered beloved.

"Hey there," he said tenderly. "This is nice."


Title: It's The Thought That Counts
Prompt: Surprise
Rating: G
A/N: Fling Wide the Whirlwind universe

Harry and Ron stood looking at the vase on the table, its dense sprigs of cellophane and sugar glowing luridly despite the moonlight.

"Well, that's a bit of a surprise," Ron said darkly, unable to stop grimacing at the gift. According to the note, it was from a someone — a female someone — who was secretly passionate about vampires, and Ron in particular.

"Oh, c'mon," Harry said, grinning broadly. "It's not just anybody who's such a fan that they'll send a whole bouquet of blood-flavoured lollipops."

Ron scowled. "If she was a real fan, she would've sent Cannons tickets."

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