Shadow Games



He leaned over and planted a deep kiss on Draco's well-attended lips. Draco grudgingly, but then with increased vigor, kissed him back soundly, the soft breathy noise of their open mouths and seeking tongues the only sound until Harry pulled away. He joined his hands together at the thumb and undulated his other fingers.

"Bird. Harry, this is juvenile. You're juvenile."

"Right. I've been taking it easy on you."

"So you say. Come here."

Draco nuzzled the side of Harry jaw, nipping at his earlobe until Harry made a needy, rumbling noise.

"No fair trying to distract me. Guess this one."

Harry convoluted his hands into another pattern. Draco looked at the wall. Puzzled, turned his head slightly, then shook it as his fringe fell into his eyes.

"No idea. Tell me again why you're making me play this Muggle shadow-animal nonsense?"

"Don't be a bad sport."

Draco vented a resigned sigh. "I give up."

Harry could barely suppress his glee. "It's a blast-ended skrewt!"

"Merlin. I take it back. You're not merely juvenile, you are a child."

"Wanker. Close your eyes."

Shaking his head, Draco did as he was bade, furrowing his brows as he heard the rustling noise of clothes being shifted. He turned attentively to the relative quiet next to him, recognizing the intimate sound of skin on skin.

"No peeking," Harry said, his voice husky.

Another half a minute passed before Harry said, "Okay. Turn to the wall then open your eyes."

Draco opened his lids and was confronted by an unmistakable jutting shape in shadowed relief against the stark wall.

"No child could do that." Harry's voice was smug.

"Perv," Draco breathed. "As I understand it, these creatures dislike direct light," he said, knocking the lamp out of the way with a smirk.

"Told you this was fun," Harry gasped.

There was the sound of a light kiss on sensitive skin, and Draco smiled in the dark. "Fair sight better than exploding snap."

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