"To Men of Fire"— Thevina's Adult HP Fanfic

So, I succumbed to slash in a major way. And adult writing in general. Here you'll find my Remus/Sirius stories, my George/Remus 'Cartography of Fire' series; the Ron/Draco 'Magic Immunity' series completed in July of 2008; no small amount of Harry/Ron; some rarepairs (including, but not limited to: Ron/Dean, Ron/Remus, George/Neville and Seamus/Draco), polyamorous vignettes and more!! I revel in wordcraft, as well as characterization and plot— and scorching sex, when it makes sense. ;) There is some angst found here, but redemption and resolution are often found as well. Enjoy!

Feedback is better than chocolate LOVE. Make my day and email me if you liked a story: thevina33 [at] gmail [dot] com. Unless otherwise indicated, all fics here are NC-17 and m/m slash.

NEWEST FIC-- Posted July, 2011 Admittance
Written for my dear friend sexyscholar, with prompts of Draco and Ron meeting in St. Mungo's, Draco for a suicide attempt and Ron as a sexual addict.
Summary: After a suicide attempt gone awry, what could make Draco's unexpected life any worse? Being forced to share a hospital room with Ron.
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta, emansil_08.
Written June 2011



~and other Ron/Draco stories~

This Ron/Draco series is listed in chronological order of the story plot below. Some of the newer ones are from Draco's POV, filling in some gaps between the larger stories. The gorgeous picture to the left is by Cugami, a talented artist who loves R/D. It was commissioned for me by my dear fan and friend, Stuckinsea, aka Hannah. I adore it.
All of my R/D stories are also archived
Fire + Ice Ron/Draco Archive here at Fire + Ice, an all Ron/Draco archive. This universe intersects with the "Cartography of Fire" universe, and have many key elements in common, but they don't fully mesh together.

Magic Immunity
Ron, who has become a healer post-War, gets an unexpected request from Draco, who managed to suffer a dark curse from a cousin while dueling over the Manor. Old enemies manage to become friends while discussing Quidditch and Ron recalibrating Draco's magic so it works for him, not against. Smut ensues, but with Ron's ethics keeping him in check. An eclectic mix of magical theory, new brooms, and Ron in shoddy Griffyndor boxers and dragonskin boots.
Written January 2005

Of Boots and Boxers
A generous 'anonymous' person (revealed as my friend Celandine) gave me extra icon spaces for my LiveJournal, so I offered to write fic as a way to say thank you. The request? R/D smutlet. Set two days after the end of Magic Immunity, the boys have a passionate romp after the Magpies match. Romance, PWP.
Written August 2005

All That I'm Good For Is You
Forced into a needed holiday from St. Mungo's which just happens to correspond with his and Draco's five month anniversary, Ron discovers Draco has arranged for them to escape to the beach. Ron/Draco, PWP, romance.
Written April 27-30, 2006

Walking Each Other Home
The map of the human heart— challenging terrain for an inexperienced cartographer. Especially so if it's Draco in denial, and Ron Weasley is involved. Hard R, rather than NC-17. Pity.
Written June, 2006

The Ties That Bind
The boys go to NYC so Draco can attend a culinary school, and when family tragedy strikes, their relationship is tested to its limit. Drama, romance, some smut.
Written May-July 2005

Tripping the Light Plaidtastic
The day of Ron and Draco's handfasting, it's raining, Remus is in a kilt, Draco's tired of being snubbed, and George finds he's more open-minded than he thought. About several things. Set within the "Magic Immunity" universe, but from George's POV. Dedicated to Wolfiekins, whose love of the Weasleys nearly rivals my own, and whose email correspondence, writing of a story in my "Fling Wide" universe and reviews of my many stories has made me feel positively cherished and adored. You're right: there's always room for a new story with Remus in a kilt.
Written July 3-8, 2006

Home, Despite it All
G-rating. Influenced by living with my grandfather and being one of his caregivers. A short vignette set post-"The Ties That Bind." Ron and Draco have picked up yet another person in their household: a War-injured, cranky Severus Snape.
Written August 2005

More Deeply Marked Than Love (N'oubliez pas Harry)
Ron and Draco have been handfasted and are settled into their life with Severus and Xavier. But when Xavier begins talking to an imaginary Harry, Ron finds himself overwhelmed by unresolved feelings for his former best friend and insecurities in his role as parent and partner. Ron/Draco, unrequited past Ron/Harry.
Written September 2005-February 2006

How Close the Divide
The ninth story/vignette in the Magic Immunity series. Summary: Healers can be their own worst enemies— Ron is, but Draco steps up to the challenge. On top of that, despite their bond, when it comes to family, Ron can't leave well enough alone. Has he pushed things too far with Draco and Xavier?
My bottomless gratitude to honor74, llembas, wolfiekins and Callum for their betas. Their astute observations and encouragement ever hone my wordcraft and storytelling.
Written December 2006-March 2007

No Shame, This Life, Beloved
At long last, what I suspect is the final long installment in my Ron/Draco Magic Immunity series.
Summary: Ron and Draco receive rather a shock at discovering the House Xavier is sorted into, though Ron is even more surprised when his new French intern, Jean-Luc, seems to fancy him. Especially when Ron realises he could be capable of infidelity. Life has its surprises, conflicts and deaths, but through it, Draco and Ron seem to be able to hold fast to one another in their own sometimes tumultuous ways.
Begun fall of '07; completed July 18, 2008

Ron/Draco Drabbles
Most of these are rated G-R, but they fit within this universe so I'm mentioning them here, too. I'm writing one a week, usually. Some are indeed adult.

.:~ Other Ron/Draco ~:.

You and Me and the Rain Make Three
Written for the 2009-2010 Ficadron. This link goes to the post in which my story competed, though I was actually writing for Team Ron, not Team Draco. Regardless, I had the prompt of "Forbidden".
Summary: Two things are exceedingly unnatural to Ron: being sober, and finding himself attracted to Draco Malfoy. But maybe he can get used to both, if given a chance…
Author's Notes: Blowjob, angst, major character death. This fic isn't totally without hope, but it does address a very real issue for many people. Massive thanks to my two betas, Brumeux and Liriaen.
Written November 2009

A Place Like Tomorrow

I'm floored! This story won in the angst category for the inaugural Ron/Draco challenge. I'm so gratified and surprised!!
Summary: Sanity is a very thin tightrope; Ron only discovers this once he's taken several steps.
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Author's Notes: My exceeding thanks to Wolfie and Callum for their betas and insights.
I wrote in the angst category and had this as the prompt to try and use/incorporate as part of the judging:
"I know what it's like to want to die. How it hurts to smile.
How you try to fit in but you can't.
How you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside."
- Girl Interrupted
Written March-May, 2009

Crown of Rope
Summary: Weeks after the end of the War, Draco was confronted with an attraction to a person that defied all reason, and he fled— to Japan. Three years later, he discovers the appeal was and is mutual, but nothing comes easily between a Malfoy and a Weasley. Ron/Draco, DH-compliant ignoring the epilogue. Written in part for the Fire + Ice Deathly Hallows epilogue challenge.
Author's Notes: The creative kernels for this fic came from two discrete sources; the song "I Scare Myself" by Thomas Dolby and this NWS image (found here if you're interested). There are lots of resources on shibari out there, and I've looked at many of them, but it was this picture that gave me the initial springboard. My exceeding thanks to mrsquizzical for the beta/insight and to callumjames for the Britpick and thoughtful perspective. My gratitude also to Hannah and Mona for letting me send them some snippets along the way. Their enthusiasm gave me permission for this story to be a bit longer than I'd initially anticipated.
Written July-September, 2007

Sowing the Seeds of Lust
Summary: For Draco's 24th birthday, Ron and Draco are back in Japan, and Ron has planned an exceptionally memorable evening for his lover. Set within my new "Crown of Rope" universe; CoR is linked below.
Alerts/kinks: Rimming, double penetration, shibari
Written as a birthday gift PWP for my dear friend and fellow Ron/Draco lover, sexyscholar for her birthday.
Written October 28-29, 2007

The Sensibility of Wantonness
A birthday fic for my beloved R/D lover and dear friend, Sexyscholar for her birthday.
Summary: Draco invites Ron to an art show of a student for whom he's been posing as Baldr, a Norse figure of myth. Ron finds he's unexpectedly moved by the portraits and gives Draco a night to remember.
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Brief Author's Notes: Set within my 'Crown of Rope' universe; PWP. The concept of Draco posing for a set of photographs to do with Scandinavian mythology comes from Theron and his tattoo and the artist for whom he poses in The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman. Warnings for Rimming, shibari, a distinct lack of angst ;). My profound gratitude to Callum James for the beta.
Written October, 2008

Hic Sunt Leones
Summary: Draco takes Ron to a childhood cabin on the Manor grounds, and the call of the wild proves irresistable to Ron. PWP, romance. Pairing: Ron/Draco. Written for sexyscholar, who's loved my Magic Immunity series for ages. She liked a drabble so much she asked for a continuation of the scene. The drabble starts off the fic. This vignette is set between "Of Boots and Boxers" and "All That I'm Good for is You."
Written June 24-27, 2007

Like Wine Through Water
Written for Merry-Smutmas 2006.
Summary: Three years after the end of the War, Ron Weasley has the audacity to stumble into Draco's orderly, if mostly solitary life… and stubbornly refuses to leave. A tale of unexpected commonalities, changeable perceptions and new beginnings. Set outside of my Magic Immunity universe, but featuring a knitting Draco and Ron who surfs. :)
Written September-October, 2006

Così fan pene
Summary: Draco gives Ron an unexpected gift. Sequel to Like Wine Through Water; PWP, romance. Pairing: Ron/Draco. Written as a gift to my friend and long-time supporter/admirer of my Ron/Draco stories, stuckinsea, who out of the blue gave me a book on knitting projects for Harry Potter fans.
Written June 3, 2007

How to Succeed in Malfoysian Gift Giving Without Resorting to Dark Magic or Going Prematurely Grey
This is a short birthday fic for my dear Mona/Sexyscholar. Set within my Like Wine Through Water universe. Summary: What do you get Draco Malfoy for his birthday, especially when you're Ron Weasley? Kinda PWP.
Written October 2009.

The Gates of Great Darkness

What have you become if you're a Wizard whose magic has been ripped away by a curse? Ron and Draco are forced to find out, but their paths take very different routes. Dark, bleak, anguish-filled angst. NOT A HAPPY ENDING. Written for Mad Maudlin for a request at Ron/Draco at LJ. And Editor's choice for September, 2006 at TQP!!

The Call of Nature

When an unexpected — but not unwelcome — guest appears at Ron and Draco's private camping area, opportunity strikes. PWP, but with some background. Dedicated to Celandine, for challenging me to write a threesome. Also, this story exists outside of any other universe I've created as it's totally incongruous with all of them.
Written July, 2006

Adventures in Banking
There was a "9 to 5" challenge at the Ron_Draco Live Journal community. I don't know what possessed me to write Ron/Draco, but here it is. To my astonishment, it's been quite popular. Ron and Draco, an established couple, both work at Gringott's in different departments. They arrange to meet for tea but accidentally meet up somewhere else sooner, to their mutual (and slightly kinky) benefit.
Written December 2004



That Charm That Can the Strongest Quell
Summary: A few days before Christmas, Ron is struck with a harmless, but thoroughly annoying curse. Figuring out who cast it takes Ron and Harry to Scotland, and Harry wonders: Why can't I just have a normal Christmas, just once? H/R, EWE, kilt!sex.
Written for abigail89 for the 2007 Bestmates Xmas exchange at LJ. Title, as it absolutely must have, comes from Robert Burns, from his poem "Poem on Pastoral Poetry" written in 1791. It's from the final stanza, and the sentiment reflects pretty accurately the atmosphere of this story: […] but that sweet spell
O' witchin love,
That charm that can the strongest quell,
The sternest move.

I have no idea where this rather cracktastic idea came from, but once I was given Abigail89 as my gift recipient and saw a shared interest in Scotland and kilts (and perhaps single malts as well), this story was breathed into life.
Written October-November, 2007

The Quidditch


Fling Wide the Whirlwind
With great pride, I announce that this story is well-loved by the H/R community (and me!!): It won two bestmates awards, and was selected as Editor's Choice for May 2006 at The Quidditch Pitch.

Summary: Immortality- it sounds appealing. Not, however, if it's forced on you, you're Obliviated afterwards, and you're handfasted, realising your partner will grow old without you. vampire!Ron/Harry.
Written March-May, 2006

This Submerged Sense of Wonder
Summary: Ron and Harry at four points in their lives. Who can ever, really, explain the simple profundity of lifelong companionship? Pairing: Ron/Harry. Suggested by and written for Callum, inspiration and friend. Title from G.K. Chesterton. DH-compliant; ignores the Epilogue. His prompt was this: write five linked drabbles of no more than 250 words each charting the developing relationship between Harry and Ron. The drabbles should be titled, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 refering to the ages of the characters in each drabble. At least two of the five should be rated NC-17. And here's the kicker… each drabble has to begin with the same line that the previous one ends with and the final line of the last drabble must be the same as the first line of the first. I wrote 4 vignettes, instead, but the rest follows his suggestions.
Written August 1-26, 2007

The Last Homely House
On the eve of Fred's death day rememberance, Ron surrenders to his feelings for Harry.
Pairing: Harry/Ron. I recently wrote this while visiting Wolfie and Kosh; we drew for prompts, and mine were: black, bludger, and graveyard. Barely R rating; romantic and sentimental, especially for me.
Written May 21-22, 2007

Of Love Such is the Fervent Heete

Written for the First Annual Bestmates Xmas for the inestimable Shocolate.
Summary: Harry and Ron meet up for their annual post-War sojourn, but this year is quite different from the prior few, and it's not just because they've gone to Iceland.
A/N: My never ending gratitude to wolfiekins, risiepookie and matildabishop for their insightful betas. Thank you for your insight and Britpicking and support as I wrote this. I have borrowed Aurors in Love, Madame Ciara's Patented Hangover Draught, and the concept of a Weasley Feint to wolfiekins. The title comes from a poem by John Lydgate, "Fabula duorum mercatorum." The concept/plot device for this story came while driving in the car and hearing the song "Fever" by Peggy Lee.
Written October-November 2006

Dabbling in Harry's Desires

Also written for the First Annual Bestmates Xmas, with very specific requests. Summary: Harry and Ron are an established (albeit secret) couple, back at Hogwarts for their sixth year. So when Harry suggests a one-time threesome with Justin Finch-Fletchley, Ron has to do some soul-searching. Warning: underage; threesome.
Written December 2006

Quotidian Bliss
Inspired by a recent visit to at long last meet Wolfiekins and Kosh in real life. Mostly with this story I hoped to capture the understated but heartwarmingly obvious affection and devotion that Wolfie and Kosh have for each other. They are so inspiring. This is for you two, luvs.
Summary: Ron and Harry enjoy a far-too-infrequent lazy Sunday morning.

A/N: 'Aurors in Love' is borrowed gratefully from a yet-unpublished Wolfie creation. Thanks for letting me borrow them!
Written October 15-18, 2006

If Ever Two Were One
A birthday gift for Wolfiekins, my own packmate. Set in Wolfie's 'First Moon' universe. Only a few full moons into Harry and Ron's new lives as werewolves, Charlie invites them to the Dragon Preserve so that they can run free in their wolfish forms. Somewhat PWP-ish. For Wolfie with so very much adoration and fondness.
Written September 4-13, 2006

A Trail of Persimmon
Harry is Ron's best friend, so of course he goes to talk sense into Ron's family when they react so poorly to Ron's announcement that he's gay— even though Ron specifically tells him not to. And who is the mystery bloke who's already caught Ron's eye? Sometimes things the most obvious are also the least apparent. Written for the Harry Potter/Ron Weasley FQF, round three.
Written August 11-September 2, 2006

With and Without You
The Quidditch Pitch had an "I Touch Myself" challenge for May, so on a Sunday afternoon, I wrote a PWP ficlet of Ron wanking. Ron decides to put a new gift to use while Harry's out of the country and Ron is… hot and bothered. Set within the FWtW universe, about a year before "Fling Wing the Whirlwind" begins. Pure, smutty PWP.
Written June 4, 2006

Never Break the Chain
I signed up for a Ron ficathon in the spring of '05 and the author requested Ron/Harry— now it's a favorite pairing of mine. Set loosely within the 'Together, Alone' universe, set post-OotP. The summer after his 5th year, Ron deals with a death in the family and disconcerting new feelings for Harry. Drama and romance.
Written March-May 2005

Devotion's Hodiernal Reclamation
Summary: Ron is broken; Harry is the balm to heal him.
Pairing: Harry/Ron. This short, wartime fic is the result of my asking for writing prompts a while back; it's lena's request for Harry/Ron and the prompt/ambiance of "Crash & Burn" by Savage Garden (lyrics are here).
Written April 29, 2007

Harry/Ron Drabbles
I was having so much fun with the weekly prompts at rondracodrabble that when the community harryron100 started up, I jumped on board. The ratings vary.



There are now easy-to-download pdf versions of the 'Cartography' series (the four stories) and also something I call 'Men of Fire: the Collection', which starts with 'Countdown,' then 'Together, Alone,' and the four 'Cartography' stories.
"Cartography Quartet" is here and "Men of Fire: the Collection" is here. The last thing I want to do is discourage readership, so I hope you enjoy having the pdf option.

Cartography of Fire

The first in the 'Cartography of Fire' George/Remus series. Post-War, set within the context of Together, Alone. Remus shows up at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Christmas Eve and his and George's lives change- definitely for the better.
Written May-July 2004.

All Men Make Faults
Sequel to 'Cartography of Fire.' Around the time of the 5th anniversary of Sirius's death, Remus is moody, George becomes resentful, and Draco Malfoy sees an opportunity. Also includes a brief interlude at the end from Remus's POV to segue to 'Love's An Anarchist.'
Written July-August, 2004.

Love's An Anarchist
Jen and Elicia made me a "movie version" of this story, so please see it here. There are even 'commercials' with a red-haired Viking. The best Christmas present ever.
The third in the Cartography series. Remus and George join Ron and Hermione for a holiday in Monaco, then it's back to the grindstone. Something happens to George at the Drombeg standing stones in Ireland, and it takes multiple people to figure out what's going on.
Written August 2004.

Till Shadowed Days Are Done
The fourth in the Cartography series. Remus reveals to George that in his past he slept with Snape, and that he thinks Snape left some of his memories with George at the end of the War. George thinks that's bollocks, but he's wrong. George shares some of his wartime experiences with Remus, and Arthur comes by to visit. Another tragedy befalls the Weasley family. But there's also a few hot scenes, because who can resist a sexy werewolf? There's also snarky Snape, a modified pensieve, and direct reference to Addiction, but from Snape's POV instead of Lupin's.
Written September-December 2004



Sow Good Services
Summary: Small seeds of friendship can grow into the most unexpected gardens of affection.
Pairing: Neville/George
Author's Notes: Such gratitude to Rickey_A, Jen and Wolfie for their betas and commentary. This was written for the 2009 Weasley Fest on LJ, for someone who seems to have deleted her journal. Anyway, I loved writing this understated story, and it's not even explicit: the only warning on it (I'd give the story an R rating) is for wanking.
Written March-May, 2009

Canvas of Desire
Summary: Sometimes fantasy does become reality.
Pairing: Ron/Dean
Author's Notes: My thanks to Emeraldsedai, Brumeux77 and Emansil_08 for their betas for this wee vignette. Also written for the 2009 Weasley Fest on LJ, also an R rating. The requester's prompt was simple: Ron is sexy!
Written June, 2009

Scotch Game
Summary: When Ron is invited to referee and instruct at a month-long event in Glasgow hosted by the European Youth Wizarding Chess Federation, he balks. Once there, much to his surprise, he enjoys himself. Even more surprising, however, is seeing Remus Lupin as a volunteer, and an attraction to his former professor that resolutely won't go away. But will Lupin allow himself to leave his past so Ron can be a part of his present?
Pairing: Ron/Remus
Brief Author's Notes: Written for the inaugural fest at Remus/Ron Slash. The prompt I took was this:
He took my soul and bound it
with cords of iron wire.

~Lord Alfred Douglas, "Rejected"
'Scotch Game' comes from my searching of Wikipedia for a clever chess-oriented title. According to them, here are comments about this particular game opening: "Popular in the 19th century, by 1900 the Scotch had lost favor among top players because it was thought to release the central tension too early and allow Black to equalize without difficulty. More recently the Scotch has regained some popularity…"
Written September, 2008

A Rally Toward Exalted Moments

Written for the inaugural Weasley Fest. Summary: Sometimes a person needs to get outside of their usual geography — both physical and emotional — to be able to see the possibility of new lands of the heart. The dear iamshadow gave me a bevvy of pairings and situations; I ran with this one, as, truth be told, I'll be posting a Ron/Dean later on this year and the two stories are intertwined and reference each other, even though this is the one I completed first.
Pairing: Harry/Charlie
Written June-July, 2008
My thanks to Kath Ballantyne for the banner. Not expected, and glorious.

Cloudscape of Ravens
Summary: Jaded and cynical, Ron spends his days in Edinburgh after an unpleasant breakup. When his Muggle paramour exposes him to an addictive drink — potion — Ron's life takes a truly unfathomable turn, putting him in the care of someone he believes to be dead. Or has Ron passed on, and this is his Purgatory?
Pairings: Ron/OMC, Ron/Severus, Ron/OMC/Harry
Written for the inaugural prompt-driven fest at Ginger Lust on LiveJournal, where I was the primary mod.
Written October-December, 2007

Strange-Eyed Constellation
This all started with The Test of the Heart is Trouble, written thanks to a prompt from risiepookie. Pairings: Seamus/Dean, past Fred/Seamus, ultimately Fred/Seamus/Dean.
Summary: War can make strange bedfellows; peacetime allows kindred spirits to join together. Seamus discovers both, and in being true to the baffling desires of his heart, believes that love needn't come exclusively in pairs.
Few Author's Notes: my thanks to Auntee Mame for the written beta; exceeding gratitude to Wolfiekins and Callumjames for letting me read aloud and giving me insightful feedback while I write this; also for their enthusiasm over what's certainly a rare trio. The title comes from Thomas Hardy's poem "Drummer Hodge."
Written April-July, 2007

Vermilion Hunger, Cerulean Thirst
Summary: Dean discovers that he can't resist the colour red, though being attracted to Ron isn't exactly the smoothest of roads.
Pairing: Dean/Ron. I totally fell for Dean Thomas while writing this.
My gratitude to risiepookie for this marvelous pairing and prompt, to wolfiekins for listening to me read sections of it aloud to him, and to koshweasley for the suggestion of a perfect ending. To my betas, wolfiekins, auntee_mame and kaalee, my bottomless, heartfelt thanks.
Written March-April, 2007

The Test of the Heart is Trouble
Summary: Seamus faces up to the end of his relationship with Fred. This short vignette segues into an interlude of Seamus' friendship with Dean, which leads into my WIP, "Strange-Eyed Constellation:" Seamus/Dean, to be Seamus/Dean/Fred.
Pairing: Seamus/Fred. Written initially for Risiepookie's pairing request, Fred/Seamus. Her ambiance suggestion was "Missing" by Evanescence, lyrics here. I love rarepairs, so perhaps unsurprisingly, this has now taken on a mind of its own!!
Written April 1st, the interlude April 6th, 2007

In Omnibus, Fratris
Written for Wolfie, the situation and pairing by specific request. Without you, luv, my life would be exceeding dark. Summary: Ron didn't expect Charlie to be his liberator from Azkaban. Then again, neither did he expect him to have become a vampire, nor that his brother could bring a new, and welcome, comfort.
Pairing: Ron/Charlie. Warnings: Incest, vampirism.
Written March 1-9, 2007

Strife from the Furthest Prime

Written for the first-ever TriathaRon Ficathon. Summary: Qua cursum ventus: the course lies as the wind blows. In a post-apocalyptic, post-War world, Ron and Bill are survivors, hidden in the Burrow. When Harry unexpectedly appears, the winds of change prove devastating. Pairing(s): Bill/Ron, Ron/Harry. Warnings: Incest, psychological angst, and ambiguous sanity.
Written January-February, 2007

A Sorta Fairytale
Short smutlet for Matilda Bishop's birthday, a sequel in the "Wash Me Throughly" true Ron/Remus universe. To celebrate their three month anniversary, Ron gets creative. Ron/Remus, PWP, romance.
Written April 21-22, 2006

Wash Me Throughly
A Christmasgift!fic for Matilda Bishop. Two years after the War is over, Remus serves as caretaker for Ron while purging an unexpectedly-inflicted curse from the younger man. Ron finds that he may be grateful to Remus for more than just his healer's abilities, but will he garner the nerve to say anything? Ron/Remus. Note: This story has two possible endings. To read the one that is ultimately Remus/Severus, read Wash Me Throughly, version 1. The non-standalone sequel is below, "Love, Love Me, Do." My original intent had been Ron/Remus, as requested. For that ending, read Wash Me Throughly, version 2. The changes occur about 2/3 the way through it, as Remus is cutting Ron's hair (for those who want to cut to the chase the second time through).
Written November-December, 2005
The true Ron/Remus version was written January, 2006

Love, Love Me, Do
A Christmasgift!fic for lyric. Set during and post "Wash Me Throughly," Remus' POV. Contemplative-heavy correspondence passes between Remus and Severus while Remus is removing the Impuratus from Ron. Questions are asked, memories relived, resolution… hoped-for. Remus/Severus.
Written December, 2005 [not explicit]

Finnigan's Snake
A Christmasgift!fic for Celandine. Take one curmudgeonly Severus Snape, angry that the Order has sent an unwanted guest to 'help' him at his isolated potions lab, and add one untested, experimental potion, subsequently ingested by said Potions master. The result? Anything but the ordinary, of course. A fanciful, smutty story, not for those who suffer from ophidiophobia. ;)
Written October, 2005

These Hot Days
I joined an LJ community focusing on Seamus Finnigan, and there just weren't many fics there. So… I wrote one. Seamus/Draco. Post-Hogwarts and post-War, Draco finds his former tent-mate, who's made a name and his own wealth by creating "Bitter Banshee," a green beverage I first created in Unleashed. In the meantime, Seamus has discovered origami, and despite several misunderstandings, they end up together.
Written February 2005

A Private Oratory
Written for my friend lyric, who loves Harry/Draco. Unadulterated romance. Post-War, Draco is in a coma, and Harry likes spending time with someone who accepts him for who he is. A bit on the fluffy side, with Seamus being used shamelessly for comedy. Hard R rating for a bit 'o language and implied m/m relationship.
Written October 2004

Shadow Games
My dear friend snottygrrl was writing H/D drabbles and I wrote this for her. Short, silly and smutty, rating: R for implied m/m relations.
Written July 2005

Home Is Where the Heart Is R-rated, hetfic
All Hermione does is study Septenology, fight Death Eaters in Eastern Europe, and visit the Burrow. So who is sending her poetry? A post-Hogwarts Fred/Hermione romance, originally written by request for LJ friend romanticalgirl.
written July 2004.


The Color of Angst
A trio of short stories exploring anguish through particular shades and different relationships. R rating for language and implied m/m relations. Set within my "Together, Alone" universe. Harry/Draco, Molly Weasley, and Remus/Sirius.
Written September-October 2004
Red is for Remorse
Harry/Draco. Post-War.

White is for Witness
Molly Weasley says her goodbyes to Fred.

Blue is for Betrayal
Remus/Sirius. Marauder-era.



Wax and Stardust
Written for the Wolf Moon challenge at Wolfie's Wolf Moon archive.
Summary: The moon isn't the only thing that summons Remus' inner wolf.
A/N: My gratitude to snottygrrl, honor74 and cim-halfling for their betas.
Written January, 2007

The Quidditch Pitch Commission Me
Stray No More
The summer after leaving Hogwarts, Sirius realizes he's fallen for his flatmate and best friend. What's a relatively inexperienced, but very keen bloke supposed to do? A tale of discovery and new beginnings.
Written June, 2006

Familiar, Unknown
Short, high angst Remus/Sirius, post-Azkaban. Written somewhat as a reflection of challenges I was experiencing in real life. PG-13, slash.
Written August 2005

Three men, three addictions, and how they all intertwine. Not pretty. Sirius, Remus, Severus, and their various permutations as their lives continue.
Written September-October 2004

The Essence of Black
A series of vignettes from Remus's POV about different times in his life especially in regards to his relationship with Sirius, and some constants that run through them all.
Written March-June 2004.

Expect the unexpected when Sirius decides to leave 12 Grimmauld Place. Set within the context of OotP.
Written spring 2004

Better Than the Pub
Since getting a Live Journal, occasionally I'll surrender to other people's ideas. This one was in regards to there not being enough ballsy, unprettied PWP boysex. So I tried my hand at it. Short. Marauder-era post-Hogwarts.
written August 2004

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