Ode to the Absent

In halls of Mandos
In unmarked graves
In poems of loss
In hidden caves

Éomer and Éowyn with flaxen hair
Must go to the earth and find mum there

In the fair Shire laments Frodo
Without mother's lullaby to sleep he must go

King Elessar thinks, You would be so proud!
But his mother, long-dead, is nowhere to be found

Gimli the gruff with kind heart of gold
Of his mother's beard no tale has been told

Exquisite Legolas, woe is he
Whoever bore him languishes in obscurity

Arwen's sorrows with daddy must be
Since Celebrían forsook her and went Over Sea

O Boromir! O Faramir! You strapping fine men
Though emotionally scarred by your mother's untimely end?

Because of mothers there is here such a dearth
This is a lament for Third Age Middle-earth.


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