Drabble for Celandine Brandybuck (written August 2004)
100 words
Characters: Elros, Vardamir
Title: Eternal Life
Sentence of dialogue: "What price glory? What price fame?"

Eternal Life

The Sceptre weighs too heavy in my hands. Numinous light of dawn gleams rubicund on my burden, and my father's silver hair.

"Where do you go? What price glory? What price fame?"

Elros faces the sun, gazing resolutely toward the lands from which he is forever sundered.

"Why that choice?"

He turns to me, the sorrow in his grey eyes causing me to quail. "It is my decision you question, my son, not the choice." He breathes in the heady scent of sea and melancholy, then, to my surprise, smiles. "Wherever it is I go, you shall follow."

I nod.

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